Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Different View

A few of my fav pics by the lakeside.

Changing Views. A changed Perspective.

A Midsemmers Week

Twas' the week of midsems. The rain fell dark and slow. The papers came evn slower. Yet, through all this there were trips to the lakeside, birthdays and 'study' sessions. A small synopsis of the week gone by.
the weekend : just drifted by

Some people just refuse to take things seriously

While others made the most of their time

It all seemed so perfect

Who knew of the bloodshed that was to follow
Oh well, its back to the books !

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Enigmatic bolli

This man went away quietly into the wilds of Qatar only to return back with a bang!
The ensuing treat atEnigma was certainly one to remember.

Lots of booze...

Lots of Dancing

and lots of fun people...
One wild Night! followed by one crazy auto ride.. ;)

farewell dinner

Fun had by all ;) . nice cosy dinner at jas with mandatory panic attack ('my battery! my battery!')

well its been a long time since the third. i remember walking in on girl with pretty dress and getting annnoyed that someone usurped my birthday! and then when we realised that we're born on the same day......nutcases :P

keep in touch darling. i have a strange feeling that its going to be much easier when you are away rather than when you were here. love you

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Days...

Engineering Pansies? :P
ps : I swear I heard the strains of
'We are Family'.... ;)


Still searching for a vision? :P